The law of attraction does two very distinct and different things.

Many people have learned about the law of attraction,  but few have been able to really make it work for them in attracting what they want in life.

The 11 Laws programme that I am involved in, ensures that you can ensure that you get it to work for you.

You can download the 11 laws teleseminar completely free of charge. Not selling anything here.

First, you must make sure that you can release limiting beliefs – if you have an underlying feeling that it will not work,  it probably won’t.

You must be able to win your faith in yourself and your ability to place anything you want in life.

Believing that you are not only capable of changing your life but also that you do deserve your life to change is necessary.

All too often, people think that to expect the world to grow full of painful situations and may experience these situations do not care.
And because of this belief,  they have a hard time attracting what they want out of life.

Let go of your beliefs that limit, it is absolutely necessary if you really want to revise the law of attraction and if you really want to create change in your life.
You have to be willing to do this.

C Rivers

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11 laws


It saddens me that most people never become rich because they are too busy planning for their retirement.

They really believe that in order to retire, you need to work hard, live frugally and save money in your investment fund.

This may work for some people, but if you stop focusing on the retirement and begin to get rich today, you will change your life forever.

People spend the best years of their life trying to save up for the worst years of their lives. They spend the best years of their life working in a job that they do not like and that gives them a sense of purpose in life.

Then they save for a retirement where they will be a lot older and a lot sicker, and a lot less able to enjoy life. Crazy isn’t it?

Now, I’m not saying you can’t enjoy life at 70, but why not enjoy life way before that?

Getting rich is not as hard as you might think it is.

There is a definite formula, and if you copy that formula, you will get rich.

The biggest challenge to get rich is to change ones mentality.

Rich people think different and believe different thinks to poor people, this causes them to do different things.

The thought makes them think only of the rich things, making them rich and the poor thoughts keep them poor.

If you want to stop focusing on retirement and start focusing on getting rich there are a few patterns of thinking you need to change.

Freedom vs. Security

Rich people focus on freedom as the number one most important thing to attain in life.

Low and middle rank do not focus on security.

They hang on to their jobs and their job security because they are afraid of what would happen if they stopped working. But I think we are all beginning to see that the job security that existed in the past, no longer exists today.

Rich people focus on attaining freedom.

The freedom to do what you want with your time, – that’s special.

The poor thinking people have a boss who determines when they get up in the morning and when they are allowed to go home, they can even tell you when you are allowed to have your lunch.

This is not the freedom.

In fact, the more security you have the less freedom you have.

People are living longer, nice and safe in a maximum security prison, but they have no freedom.

Rich people get richer because they stopped living for security and started living for freedom.

The man never fought wars for the best safety in the workplace, people have fought wars and died for freedom.

Risk vs.Reward

The reason why some people work for freedom, while others work for security, is because of the risk vs..reward.

What people see as risky, what they see as a smart, whether or not to get rich.

A poor or middle class person will believe that investing your money or starting a business is risky, and getting a secure job is smart. They believe it is risky, because they fail to pay security for the bills and keep a roof over their heads.

Rich people on the other hand will think a job is risky and having investments and businesses is smart.

They think a job is risky because you have no control over when you could lose that job, you have no control over how much they pay taxes and you do not have the freedom.

They see a job as risky because it stops them from attaining freedom.

What do you think is risky and what do you think is smart?

For me, I quit my job 19 years ago and have been self employed ever since. I have complete freedom. The secret of my success is in Multiple Sources of Income.

I work in TV and Film, yet when no movies or TV shows are being made, I’m dealing with property investments, or internet ventures, or writing my book. recently I’ve gotten into Land Aquisition. Multiple Sources of Income, and most of them can be picked up when it’s quiet, and put down when I get busy on something else – total freedom.

Activity vs. Liabilities

Rich people have different beliefs on what is an asset and what is a liability.

For a poor person, an asset is something that they own, but most of what they own themselves are actually liabilities.

Rich people know that assets are things that put money in your pocket without you having to work for it, and liabilities are things that take money out of your pocket whether you work or not.

The poor use the money to buy their debt, increase their costs, many people buy with a focus on their money, assets, or to improve their income.

If you want to stop working in a job you hate, living frugally and trying to save a little bit of money for retirement then you need to start focusing on getting rich and the rich get rich by buying assets.

If you want to be rich – buy assets that generate revenue.

I am not talking about something like your home, your home doesn’t generate any income, it costs you money every month, that makes it a liability.

Focus on acquisition of assets that work for you and for you to generate, income. Then you can earn more money as you work less and less.
Then you can stop to retire and can be really rich.

From Today Onwards – Think Rich Thoughts.